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The legendary T.R.C Burger...

This Easter I was off in sunny Mombasa! Perfect place to break lent… It is that place where ‘what happens in Mombasa, stays in Mombasa!’ We all know what happens to us when we reach the airport… You leave your morals at the check-in desk and collect along with your luggage at arrivals.

So I won’t disclose the details of our Young, Wild and Free Tour (Yes, like the song, see here).. But give you the best bites!

Yul’s Aquadrom; everybody who has tastebuds knows that they do the best burgers in North Coast.. It was the perfect first meal in Mombasa. Actually, all their food is kick-ass good, but the burger… mmmmmmmmmh

A Texas Rocker Cheese Burger, better known as the T.R.C burger! It has cheese, bacon, onions, tomatoes… and very, very special sauce all sitting pretty on a medium-well beef patty!

Look at that beauty...

We also had the bruschetta… which was refreshingly good in all that heat!

Gorgeous bruschetta!

The chicken wings are pretty decent too, though few…

Lobster was excellent too served with Lemon butter.

Then there are the pizzas, bigger than a Kikuyu bum! They are definitely for sharing…

All washed down with a couple of these bad boys….

A Heineken a day...

I think a trip to Mombasa is not complete without hanging out here. They have jet-ski thingys, banana boat, and any other kind of boat activities. Obviously I’m not very big on water, but this is the place to do it!

Stay tuned for the rest of the Mombasa eats!