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I love other people’s birthday celebrations, I always feel like I’m the one celebrating:) So just after Easter, Lydia was turning… OH! wait… I’m not going to reveal how young she is! so yeah, it was her BIRTHDAY!!

We planned a trip to Malindi for the day, and where else would we eat if it wasn’t The Old Man and The Sea? I’ve read many reviews of this place, and heard good things about it! It is one of those places that it is essential that you stop by and eat there!

I got in touch with Nicky Wright a couple of weeks prior to make sure we got a big table, and to sort out a cake. He was super helpful and promised me that he would take care of everything!

We got there a little late, as Kenyans would! But you can imagine herding 15 people from Mombasa to Malindi… But we got there in the eventually.

What I found was a little restaurant, so Malindi in its structure and curious in a way. There are boda boda (motorcycles) and tuk tuks zooming past the front, some stopping to ask if we needed a lift, others slowing down to look at us Nairobians. I was in love with the place…

We settled down, ordered our drinks, and to my surprise, the service was on point and fast.

The menu here was fantastic, there was everything from crab to prawns and a steak nestled in somewhere…

The story of the old man

There was plenty of food ordered… so I’ll just give you the run down right quick!

For starters we had…

Kipini prawn cocktail

Seafood Crepe

Spinach Roulade… which is homegrown Mchicha, Cottage Cheese & Herbs, rolled into a light Roulade served with Tomato Concasse

And Tuna sashimi. I loved how they served it…

The main courses were cooked on the grill at the front of the restaurant…

Grilled Giant Tiger Prawns with these various sauces; Lemon, Garlic, Santiago, Coriander Chilli or Butter Sauce. These were some of the biggest prawns I have ever seen!

Grilled Kingfish with creamy dill sauce. The dill sauce was absolutely amazing.

There was also grilled Seafish with a light ginger butter.

There was a Swahili Seafood dish

I think this next one was the lobster neuberg… I can’t quit remember! But just the sight of this dish made me want to rethink my order… and it tasted absolutely gorgeous!

And for our meat-eating friend had a T-bone steak with fries.

I was blown away by the food, of course I went around everybody’s plate eating a little bit! I was impressed by the whole experience and the service.

For desert, we had Lydia’s birthday cake! It was a moist chocolate cake…

Whenever you are in Malindi, and I’m sure you will be… Make a point of stopping by here! It will only enhance your experience of Malindi.

Thank you everyone for coming down to Malindi, and especially Lydia for being such a fabulous birthday girl!!