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This post is a week late, but better late than never!

Valentine’s Day. I was a mixed bag on Valentine’s; not sure whether I wanted to be gifted with flowers, I am not a flower person to be honest, or if it was just another day in Nairobi, except everything was covered in red roses. Even with mixed feelings, there was something special in the air. So I got myself up,put on my rocking hot red skirt and hot I was, if I do say so myself Gathoni dropped me at work (Peggy Sue got in to a little accident with a matatu), feeling all warm and gooey inside with all the love in the air!

Highlight of my Valentine’s was not the flowers, I got none; nor the chocolates, i bought a Dairy Milk from Nakumatt supermarket; but getting to share an awesome meal with an equally awesome Valentine!

Babu and I had dinner at Han Kook Korean BBQ Restaurant. it is on the same road as Masrawy, which is Kindaruma road. We didn;t do anything out of the ordinary, we always go out for dinner, we always try somewhere new… so it was just like any other dinner date!

Han Kook is an interesting place, they have bandas where people sit, and cook for themselves, or have a waiter BBQ your meat outside. I love such places, because it is always fun to watch your food cook!

The menu is interesting too, it had cow intestines on it! How romantic it is to share cow intestines with your loved one… well not really, we opted for marinated chicken and BBQ lamb chops instead. I’m saving the intestines for our next visit:)

The idea is that you order a meal from the menu, it comes with a bunch of accompaniments, rice and soup. They bring out a little grill and cook the meat right there. I spotted some dishes that were being cooked in the banda next to us, they had a big pot on the table, and they were cooking things in there. Another thing to try next time!

A salad to start…


These were the side dishes that came with the main meal. Babu made fun that I had no idea what half those veggies were… Deeperthanmykitchen does not know everything!

Side Dishes

Let’s see there was kimchi…


Unknown vegetable, tasted a lot like a turnip… but I can’t be sure!

Turnip-y looking veg...

This one was chilli; it had onions, carrots and cucumbers and lots of chillies. One of my favourite sides.

This next one, had potato, green pepper, carrots and courgettes, I think? Also very pleasant, balanced out with the other spicy ones.

The BBQ lamb chops were first to cook. I was loving the lamb a whole lot! Actually, I just realised, we have eaten plenty of lamb in the past few weeks, mostly at Habesha Ethiopian restaurant, where we have shekla tibs… that is for another post!

Here’s the nice waiter barbecuing the lamb

Lamb chops on the barby

The lamb was cut up into smaller pieces. I suppose it helps when eating with chopsticks.. The lamb was grilled perfectly, I like the marinade that was used, though I couldn’t tell you what the ingredients were.

Lamb Chops

Then there was the marinated chicken… This baby looked handsome on the grill! It was spicy and sweet at the same time, not too dry.

Marinated Chicken on the barby

They cut up the chicken in to bite size pieces, which makes it easy to fight over the last piece!

Marinated Chicken

There was also rice and soup too. I didn’t like the soup so much, it was quite bland. The rice was excellent, sticky rice (I had fun showing off my skills on the chopsticks).


Yummy Rice

After the meal, we strolled around the curio shop in the house, fooled around with the Maasai wood carvings outside. Don’t worry Babu, I won’t put up the picture of you groping the Maasia warrior:)

I have to return to Han Kook, if only to eat the cow intestines. it would be lovely too, for a Sunday afternoon with friends and family!

So still in the spirit of Valentine’s… We should all share a great meal with someone spectacular as often as possible, it is the only way to celebrate love!

Thank you to my ‘someone spectacular’ for a lovely dinner… As always you are excellent company:)