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Have I told you all how great this year has started? I just have this really good feeling about it!

Last year was a hell of a rollercoaster ride. I was way up and then I was way down, at times I felt like I had run out of luck and good fortune! Love seemed to have taken a permanent vacay, and at some point I was out of a job (albeit I quit my first job), struggling with my relationship… I was torn down, and even food was not sitting right with me at times!

But that’s the thing about life, it hands you bad apples and just like that you receive a basket of peaches and what do you do? You make pie! So I got love back home, I got a job and I let go of that relationship that I struggled with, I mended my heart. In the midst of all that pie making, a man came along and returned my soul to me… I’m not saying much about that, but that is where I am right now; happily making pie with a renewed soul! I feel lucky.

This post is NOT about pie, however. But a peach pie recipe should be in the works, to celebrate being lucky!

So O’sinkirri, what the monkeys is it? It’s a new seafood restaurant located on Ring Road, off Lenana road. I’ll give you a little background, I heard of this place a few weeks ago from my friends Alma and Stacey (your first cameo on my blog YAY!). It is a venture from the same guys who run Cedars restaurant, where I hear have amazing food but yet to try it! So let’s make a date for Cedars… it can be one of my ‘Ladies of L lunches’… Did I mention that Stacey is one of the managers at O’sinkirri?

It was the first day back at work in the new year, boy was that day long! I was in desperate need of good food and O’sinkirri was the restaurant of choice!

We didn’t have much trouble finding the place, which is good because with my directions we most likely would have found ourselves in Machakos! The place is gorgeous, they have a beautiful water feature. They have a coffee shop, the main restaurant and a bar/lounge. The decor is lovely, the blue/green lighting makes you feel like you’re in the sea, which makes sense it being a seafood restaurant!

We sat outside, in the gazebo. I ordered my wine, wine oh wine! after a long day, nothing goes down better than a glass of wine! The place is still very new so some of the items on the menu weren’t available, like I was dying to try the Kilifi oysters!

Salmon Sashimi

For starters we ordered salmon sashimi with soy and wasabi and a garden salad. Now if you know me, I LOVE my sushi! I think I mention sushi every day, and I am constantly pestering to be taken for sushi… The salmon was, divine!

I had salmon for main course as well, this time Grilled salmon on a bed of cabbages and asparagus served with roast potatoes. Now for the life of me I can’t remember what the sauce was called, but it was really really good. The salmon was perfectly cooked too!

Grilled Salmon

My wonderful dinner date had prawn tempura served with vegetable rice and shell fish sauce. I’ve never seen tempura served on a skewer before, and I quite like the idea. It was definitely good tempura, and the sauce was not the kind you get out of a bottle which was so refreshing!

Prawn Tempura

We had a bit of debate on the vegetables in the rice, and the purple thing, turns out is turnip! Even I sometimes don’t know what some vegetables are, I ain’t proud but it is true!

It was lovely that the chef brought our food out for us, lovely touch to an awesome meal! His name is Steffen. I love the idea, and the concept of the place. The ambiance (or umbeyonce depending on which hood you’re from) is romantic, and looks like it would be great for a party *hint hint anyone*

We stayed for about 4 hours, I guess good food and good conversation will do that to you!

Thank you to my date Babu, as always it is a pleasure to share my meals with you… look forward to many many many more!

Please visit O’sinkirri’s facebook page here.

So we shall see you for a Ladies of L lunch at Cedars soon! And yes you are ALL welcome to come:)