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So the other day I was craving these beef strips tossed in olive oil and green chillies with feta, that I always have at Gipsy’s in Westlands. I love my chillies and I love my feta so this is next to perfect for me. But being broke and the rain was hindering me getting these bad boys from Gipsy’s… so I decided to try make them at home. I mean how hard can it be? beef, chillies, olive oil and some feta, salt and pepper and voila!

I got my chillies, lots and lots of chillies and my feta, though not the best quality feta but I made do with what I could get in town. I was serving it with chips (I do love me my waru’s), so I grabbed some potatoes, and a bottle of wine; had to have the wine! and then it was off to Mi casa!

Here’s the recipe I used…

sirloin steak or any steak of your choice, sliced in to strips

6 green chillies

1 bunch fresh basil, chopped  (feel free to use your favourite herb, basil is mine)

150g good quality feta cheese (try the deli counter at the supermarket or at the greengrocer, trust me you don’t want to skimp on the quality, it makes a huge difference)

Olive oil, ummm…. measure with your eyes!

Salt & pepper

Potatoes, peeled and cut. Have I told you all, how I hate cutting potatoes in to chips? no? well, I hate peeling and cutting potatoes!


I dried off the meat, seasoned with salt and pepper. coated in olive oil and pan-fried it. Ideally I would have grilled it. Drain and set aside.

Splash red wine in the pan, just to de-glaze the pan, it is at this point, you stop and take a big sip of the wine, you know to help with the cooking:)

Add more olive oil, add the chillies and basil and saute for a few minutes, until it starts to burn a little.

Throw in the beef strips at this point and toss around in the chillies.

throw it all on a platter, sprinkled feta cheese on top, salt & pepper and that’s it!

Of course serve with chips and a salad…

Actually, it would be great in a salad, just toss it up in some leaves, cherry tomatoes, and you have yourself a slamming salad!

You can add more to it if you like but I recommend keeping it as simple as pie… speaking of pie, I’m craving pie!

It’s always fun to recreate meals I’ve had in a restaurant, some turn out really good and some backfire! but the fun is in trying right?

What restaurant meals would you recreate?

drop a comment, who knows I just might recreate it here!