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Yesterday was public holiday to mark Eid-Ul-Fitr, a holiday marking the end of Ramadan for Muslims. i had great plans to cook the whole day, but as life happens in this great city; the holiday was accompanied by a bad hangover! So my plans for pulled pork and tequila soaked watermelons will have to be put off for another day.

I managed to drag myself out of bed at some point in the afternoon with hopes of at least making onion pie, but found myself delivering a microwave, kettle and a meko stove to the furthest part of Runda; bordering on Kiambu to prayers my mother was attending.

After losing my way, I picked up the hubby and was supposed to go for sushi. I have to point out here, men in general do not like to take their better halves for sushi, or anywhere that requires the use of cutlery or sticks to eat! they would be more than willing to take you to eat nyama at Wambugu’s or Buffet park, but for fancy foods, it’s like they are generally allergic.

So on this rare occasion when i had the opportunity for fine dining, I chose to try something different. I picked Osteria in Gigiri. It’s Italian, and they have a few restaurants around Nairobi. I ate at the one in Westlands some time ago, and did not enjoy the experience, I had a very soggy mushroom risotto which I think they used pishori rice as opposed to Arborio rice. I was determined to give it another try, and was also craving for ossobuco, which is one of the most exciting cuts of meat (after oxtail, of course). Ossobuco is traditionally veal shank braised in vegetables, white wine and broth. If you’ve noticed, I’m not a typical steak or ribs kinda girl, i love the oddity of eating the meats that people would never consider eating, and usually the cheapest cuts!

Hungover and hungry we headed to the restaurant, which is located in the corner of Village Market, away from the humming bustle of the food court. It has a really romantic feel to it, and we were sat next to the pizza oven which was great because we had the pizza aroma wafting past us every time there was a breeze.

We ordered, or rather I ordered with my stomach and was so full by the starter I had to pack my main for later (which is really today’s lunch).

Mozzarella Carrozza

To start we had  Mozzarella Carrozza: deep-fried mozzarella with basil and honey, and some Italian bread with tomatoes on top. There is nothing more satisfying than deep-fried cheese! I wish I was born in the deep south of the states, where the deep fry everything… even ice cream! the perfect world for me! to hell with clogged arteries, and bring on the deep fryer!! *getting carried away*

I had the Ossobuco with mashed potatoes and spinach. The meat, tender. Mashed potatoes, creamy. Spinach, gorgeous. It was like there was a man playing an accordion singing to me the sweetest Italian love song while the food danced around in my mouth! Absolute romance was what it was.


Hubby had the filleto pizzaiola; Steak with tomatoes, mozzarella, capers and black olives served with mashed potatoes. This was a delightful dish, it felt like something you would be served by an old gipsy lady in her caravan, it had a very rustic and warm tone to it, not to mention the sharpness of the olives and capers rescued by the mozzarella’s mellowness. Definitely a winner!

Filetto pizzaiola

We dragged ourselves home, stopped by Nakumatt for bread (it is a known fact that in our house we eat more bread than the whole of Githiga). I enjoyed the food, the wine was good, the service was great… definitely would go back! perhaps venture in to the pasta world next time?

a belated Eid Mubarak to my Muslim friends…

** Sorry the photos aren’t that great, between my phone and Instaphoto, I tried my best to make them look good…