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I don’t always realise this but I am extremely lucky. My mother is a farmer, and boy does that make me very lucky! We have an abundance of fresh vegetables, fresh milk, and lots and lots of chicken, meat, you name it we have it! So the other day, I came across some oxtail in the kitchen, it was destined for soup, and I couldn’t allow that to happen, when it could make me a delicious stew, I grabbed a couple of pieces to make my stew. I ran through a couple of recipes, but I’m a bit of an old dog when it comes to my stews, and especially my oxtail, I always like it drowning in some sort of alcohol and of course the chillies, can’t forget the chillies.

I made oxtail for the first time back in London, and I made it with Guinness. So when this was supposed to be drowning in red wine, I drowned the oxtail in Guinness; a taste of London you could say! But if you don’t want to taste London, use a bottle of red wine, a Rioja or a Burgundy.

Here’s the recipe,

About 1kg oxtail pieces

150g Chorizo sausage, diced (a little expensive though, but so worth it trust me)

1 red onion, sliced

1 celery heart, sliced

2-3 green bullet chillies, I’d definitely recommend scotch bonnets if you can find some.

Bunch of thyme leaves

150g mushrooms, if you can, use different types of mushrooms.

2 carrots, peeled and sliced

3 cloves garlic, crushed

2tbsp allspice

2 bay leaves

1 tbsp sugar

340ml Guinness (or red wine)

1 litre beef stock

2 tbsp butter

½ cup flour

Roll oxtail in seasoned flour, brown in batches in a little oil. Set aside.

Soften onions and celery in the same oil, throw the oxtail back in along with the rest of the ingredients, including the chorizo. Add the Guinness & beef stock allowing it to bubble gently for 3- 3 ½ hours.

Meanwhile, make the flour paste; mix together the flour and butter in a small bowl.

Once the oxtail is nice and tender, stir in a little of the flour paste at a time, depending on how thick you want the stew. I like it extra thick, well at least thick enough to mop-up with some crusty bread! This is the only way to eat such a glorious stew.

But if you don’t want to mop up with crusty bread, good ol’ rice will do perfectly.

Remember how I like to eat in the kitchen standing? Well there was only one way to eat the oxtail, standing in the kitchen, stew running down your cheek, and a good story to kick with my lovely sisters, Ted and of course my hubby!!

Oxtail Stew

I hope you go out and make this, in fact I command you to go and make this! If you don’t know anything about oxtail, just ask your butcher to help you out selecting the best bits…

Now go forth and cook people!