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Me chopping at lightening speed!


I’ve been travelling quite a bit this April.. Dubai over Easter, Nakuru and Naivasha this past weekend! And who knows where my hubby will take me this weekend…

We are back on the Meat wagon! Broke Lent in Dubai, what better way is there? if I tell you the first meat dish we had, you’ll just fall off your chair! But I’ll save all that for my Dubai post! Once I get my camera back from Shukie (my ubercool sister-in-law)….

 So the long Labour day weekend called for hubby and I to pack up our bags and hit the road; we took Peggy Sue (our Toyota Camry) on her first road trip!

Our plan was to drive down to Nakuru for a cousin’s (my hubby’s) ngurario, which is the last of a  Kikuyu traditional wedding ceremony; then drive back down to Naivasha for the rest of the weekend. Somewhere in between there would be lots of cooking and golf!

 As usual, we didn’t leave on time, I was braiding my hair in Kiambu.. Don’t ask! So we set off to Nakuru rather late and arrived just in time for the after party. It was a fantastic night, lots of alcohol consumed, and apart from the hotel (Merica, I don’t recommend it to anyone) giving away our rooms, it was a night to remember, or not, depending on what you were drinking!

Sunday evening, after sleeping off the hangover, we made our way down to Naivasha!

We usually stay at Green Park or Great Rift Valley Lodge & Golf Resort,  where we get a cottage (courtesy of the folks) and the concept is simple really, you can cook for yourself, have a BBQ, play some golf etc and you have an amazing view of the Rift Valley on one side and Lake Naivasha on the other! WE love this place, hubby plays golf and I cook! Match made in heaven:)

We always have some sort of “fiasco” when we come here, last time we forgot oil, and resorted to stealing butter from the clubhouse… This time it was the chicken! We had said we’d buy it on the way from Nakuru, but we left late and supermarkets were closed. So we planned to buy it at Delamere, and poor hubby almost lost his head when I heard there were no chickens there! We managed to get 4 chickens from the nice people from the restaurant next door…and I calmed down:)

We had friends over, and of course Z helped me in the kitchen.. She is, by the way, an amazing cook!

The recipe calls for 30 chillies, *gasp* we were a little sceptical about using 30 so we halved the amount! BUT this was not the best decision I ever made, it turned out to be a lot milder, and I was hoping for the kind of heat that leaves you all tingely!! Next time, I’m adding more…

Piri Piri Chicken

Here’s the recipe we used:

About 15 red chillies (the smaller the better) … Add about 30 more for tingling heat:)

1 bulb of garlic, peeled and crushed

2 tbsp dried oregano (use fresh if you can get your hands on some)

2 tbsp spanish paprika

150ml red wine … Though you should really use red wine vinegar! We added a splash of balsamic for the vinegar part.

200ml olive oil

Salt & Pepper

Sugar (its best to use soft brown sugar, but we were in the Middle of the Great Rift, so we made do with good ol’ Mumias)

We may have thrown in a few miscellaneous items in that I can’t recall, but like I always say, it’s all about what feels/tastes good to you!

We mixed all the ingredients up in a sufuria (didn’t have a blender) and poured over the chickens, which were already cut up. Cover and leave in the fridge for at least an hour or overnight.

To cook the bird, the best option would be to BBQ it over some hot coals, but it was about midnight by now so we chucked it in the oven!

Cook for about 25minutes, or until the wine is finished and the chicken has blackened slightly..

 We served the birds to 8 hungry people with Bhajias, kachumbari and some of the marinade sauce on the side.

We had lots left over though, so hubby and I ate some the next morning for breakfast:) we’re that type of couple..

 We made it back to Nairobi Monday evening, but not before hanging out with hubby’s folks and of course every one asking us “ehe so when are you getting married?” Kikuyu’s never fail to amuse.. You just have to smile and say “soon, soon” 

 I must say a big thank you to my hubby, for taking me away on fantastic trips, and for happily eating my food and allowing me to eat my heart out everywhere we go!!

Enjoy the chicken, and don’t forget to add MORE piri piri!!!!