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Found this place by accident, we; Rosey and I were meant to be going to Corner Bistro on Rapta road but ended up at the end at Alan Bobbe’s Bistro on the same road. In the search for new and interesting restaurants, I found this little place.

We went in search for Corner Bistro and stumbled upon Allan Bobbe’s at the end of the road, inside Andrews Apartment complex. It is set by the pool, with an interesting view of bush and shrubs. We sat down, got the wine list and cocktail menu, but no food menu. I ordered a Bloody Mary; it was one of those afternoons! Still no food menu, I was starting to wonder if the kitchen was even open. After a little enquiry, the waiter brought out two blackboards with the menus written on them in chalk. It is a good idea in theory to have the menu on blackboard, it tears away from the usual booklet kind of menu, but surely when the things are bigger than the waiter and the writing is almost unreadable, it doesn’t seem like such a good idea. I am probably the most indecisive person when it comes to ordering food, I usually look up the menu online before I go to a restaurant, pick out the things I think I’ll eat, so that when I get there I don’t spend an hour trying to decide whether to have duck or fish or chicken or steak or…. but at least this menu was very straight forward; Starters, Soup, Main dishes: Poultry, Meat, Fish dishes.

The menu

We had Norwegian Scallops and Prawn Cocktail for starters. The prawn looked a little boring, but tasted quite good. The sauce was the best bit, left a nice tangy taste in your mouth; the salad was a little disappointing, like they didn’t make an effort. The scallops were good. I was expecting whole scallops, but they were thinly sliced, I’m assuming this was done to make them look more than they really were. It came in a white wine and mushroom sauce, which was good, but a little rich on the cream. At this point I should mention, the Bloody Mary I had ordered had arrived and was undrinkable! It was more Tabasco than tomato juice and vodka, and I couldn’t even manage more than two sips. So I wouldn’t advise getting the Bloody Mary!

Prawn Cocktail

Norwegian Scallops

Back to the food; Main course. I knew I wanted chicken, so it didn’t take me an hour to pick something. We asked the waiter for his recommendations and he picked the Chicken Tarragon and Coq au Vin, which is what we ordered.

I watched the movie Julie & Julia last year, and ever since have been infatuated by French cooking (even contemplating Cordon Bleu culinary school, it is that serious!). I have attempted the Coq au Vin (a casserole of chicken in red wine) at home from Julia Child’s cookbook: Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and half way through cooking and following the recipe I turned the page and found it blank! I was in a panic, rushing to Google the rest of the recipe, looking totally insane. I stopped and thought Julia Child intentionally left it blank and was sitting somewhere giggling at the thought of a novice cook panicking when they turn the page to discover blankness or it was a printing error! So I had to have it served with sauté potatoes. The chicken was falling off the bone, soft and moist. I wasn’t sure about the potatoes though, but I loved the chicken. It was a lot better than the one I had attempted at home!

Rosey had the Chicken Tarragon, and that was a lot better than I had thought it would be. It was almost as good as my chicken, almost. She had hers with chips and lots of chillies! She just might be the only person I know who eats all her meals with chillies. The tarragon sauce was really good. I’ve had meals with tarragon, and it can sometimes over power the food but the sauce had a well balanced taste.

Coq au Vin

Chicken Tarragon

For dessert, I always have an apple pie. I was very excited for this apple pie seeing as the main meal was better than good, but my hopes were dashed when it arrived. It came and from first glance it looked perfectly fine, but as I was taking pictures, I noticed a little green on the pastry. It had mould on the top of the pastry! We had to send it back and only had the ice cream. The owner came over to find out why we sent it backed, and after we told him it was mouldy he said, ‘can’t be, we only made them yesterday!’ …. even though it was quite evident that the pie was more than a week old. He offered to take it off the bill, and gave us more ice cream.

Here is a picture of me and the waterfall by the pool, which I thought was really beautiful; me not the waterfall (modest much?) we had a small photo session there!

Me and the Waterfall..

So there it is, lunch at Alan Bobbe’s Bistro, accidentally. I will go to Corner Bistro and post about it soon!

Thank you to Rosey for a lovely lunch and making me laugh…

Love Always in All Ways