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It has taken me four days to recover from the weekend, and oh what a weekend it was! It was my friend’s birthday, well technically it wasn’t. You see, she’s a leap year baby and at it would seem unfair for us not to celebrate a 6 year olds birthday! The Buddhist experience was born…

So here it is, Saturday night at Buddha Bar on Victoria Embankment. The theme was Geek-Chic; my look was very Ugly Betty. Dinner was at 6.30pm and of course like typical Kenyans, we got there at 8. I thought I was late, but there were those getting on the train from Manchester at 8.30pm, not to call anybody out or anything (Mama Jimmy)! There were interesting characters at the table, let’s see there was Blair Waldorf, Betty Suarez, Steve Urkel, Gabriel, Nimrod and his friends the Kangaroo and the economist.

The menu was fantastic, and I could have eaten everything on there… but first things first, had to get the wine in… The waiter recommended the wine; the name was Albariño San Campio, Terras Gauda, Rias Baixas (2008) from Spain. It was really good, I’m not a wine expert but I am quite picky about my wines, and this one was exceptional, didn’t taste like battery acid.

For starters, we ordered prawn and langoustine summer rolls, pan fried langoustines and foie gras with apple balsamic and Vietnamese spring rolls. The langoustine and foie gras was a strange combination, but worked really well with the apple balsamic. Foie gras is duck ‘fat liver’; I think it’s one of those things you have to try at least once in your life.

Vietnamese spring rolls

Prawn and Langoustine summer rolls

We got the Buddha Bar selection of sushi which had tuna, yellow tail and salmon sashimi, tuna, shrimp and salmon sushi, California rolls, and of course my favourite Unagi (eel). It looked absolutely amazing on the table, it was almost a sin to eat it!

The Buddha Bar Sushi Selection

There was the Grilled Wagyu beef with Thai Butter, and for £59 it was more than heavenly. The beef itself was soft and juicy and perfectly cooked, together with the Thai butter it was better than (dare I say it) sex!!

Grilled Wagyu beef with Thai butter

After dinner, and a few tequilas later we went up to the bar to finish off the night… and much of it from this point is a little blurry! Apart from the forgetful waiter, dinner was super! hopefully it will be someones birthday soon, so I can go back:)

Thank you to everyone who made this a memorable buddhist experience! it was truely special, and of course to Miss Judy for organising, the killer hangover and for being born!!

Love Always in All ways…