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It all started with two ladies going to dinner at La Tasca with their Louis bags. And oh what a dinner it was, we had the chef’s selection of Tapas which had chicken wings, deep fried prawns with garlic prawn, Spanish-style meatballs, fresh aubergine, baked in a tomato, garlic & wine sauce, topped with Cheddar cheese, and seafood paella. The aubergine was my favourite dish! Of course there had to be some sangria involved, and this may have been the one ingredient that pulled the evening together. Getting home slightly tipsy was a small adventure, poor folk on the tube had to listen to us giggling and yapping away, not forgetting the very handsome man who got off at Victoria… sigh!

Sangria is just one of those drinks, once you have a little it, you want more. So me and Judy decided that we’d make some sangira (also known as sunshine in a glass) of our own on Saturday. Well Judy was on the sangria making and I was busy on the 40 clove garlic chicken I found on FoodStories blog (you can also find the recipe for the sandwich there too).

Sangria and Louis found themselves at a house party, which can only be described as entertaining. There was Hellon trying to nimrod some ‘rude boy’ things, a 54year old trying to relive his youth, every guy on ‘pussy patrol’ and a Frenchman trying to teach me how to make tiramisu, all while trying to keep the Louis bags from getting beer on them. By the time we left at 6am, I had laughed about everything from seqweenz (sequins) to the amount of cock-blocking going on… but I’ll leave that for another day!

Here are some pictures of the food:

The chicken before it went into the oven!

The chicken was everything Helen said it would be, and more! I made the sandwich as well and it was 10 minutes of sandwich heaven, shown by the mayonnaise dripping from every corner of my chin! I must encourage everyone to try it, and if you can’t be asked to make it… kuja kwangu and I will make it for you!!

I made Mozzarella and Tomato brioche too. I have a weakness for anything bruschetta like, and experimenting with all sorts of toppings and bases is always fun. The sweetness of the brioche and the tanginess of the tomatoes and balsamic were exciting in my mouth. As Judy said ‘the flavours are bursting in the mouth!’

The mozzarella and Tomato brioche

The recipe for Mozzarella and tomato brioche…

2tbsp capers

About 4tbsp parsley (chopped)

Olive oil

2 garlic cloves (crushed)

Around 400g cherry tomatoes (halved)

Slices of brioche

125g buffalo mozzarella (at room temp)

1tbsp balsamic vinegar

Extra capers and parsley to garnish

  1. Chop capers and parsley, mix with about 2tbsp olive oil, garlic and season. Heat a little oil in a large frying pan and stir-fry the tomatoes until slightly soft. Drain and keep warm.
  2. Clean the pan, and heat 2tbsp of oil and lightly fry the brioche on both sides until golden. Spread the bread with the capers and parsley mix.
  3. Tear the mozzarella into pieces and top the brioche with tomatoes. Drizzle with 1tbsp oil, balsamic vinegar and scatter some capers and parsley.

Ms Judy baked me a lovely strawberry cake! I think she got bitten by the food bug too 🙂 I’ll try getting the recipe for that too… I never had strawberry cake before, but it was absolutely gorgeous. Asante Sana Judy for the cake!

Here what it looks like… and tastes just as good too!

Judy's strawberry cake

The colours remind me of Red Devil ice cream

After such a fabulous foodie weekend, I’m now suffering from a growing wisdom tooth, which has left me all swollen and in excruciating pain! Even though I can’t eat very much, I’m still going to try to cook and fill you in. Which reminds me, I’m going to attempt baking a red velvet cake again. Fingers crossed, this time it works out!!

Have a fabulous week…