After months of procrastinating on whether or not to start my blog, today of all the days, as the plumber fixes my pipes I have begun what hopefully will be a successful blog.

I’m treating this as a kind of journey through my life. It is after all the final year of my university experience (at least I hope so). This year began and I wasn’t sure what direction my life was going, but two months and I seem to know what I want to do, and the things I need to do to get there. Just a question of actually getting it done now. With all my alter egos, I think we can accomplish a whole lot. You’ll meet the alter egos soon enough J

I’m hoping at the end of all this to be a chef, a good chef. I haven’t always thought I would be one, I mean I love cooking and all things food but I’m the sort of cook who doesn’t measure much and forgets to put things in. I once baked a cake with no sugar! I love throwing things together and hoping that the end result will taste good. It’s the sort of approach I usually take in life and in love. I just cross my fingers and hope my kitchen or my life doesn’t explode, sometimes it does and then I have to clean up the mess. But such is life, it happens. But I’m learning, and with time I have gotten better at remembering the sugar (and then forgetting the flour), and I am learning that in life I do have to weigh things and see what’s the best thing to do. So here I am blogging away. I hope I can always find the time to put down what is going on, add recipes, put pictures up etc. I guess now would be a good time to get a camera!

The plumber is done with my pipes and he needs payment now, so I will go now.

Oh! Before I go, remember to ‘Love Always in All ways’…